Blood Command is renowned for defying genre constraints, delivering provocative and critical lyrics that enhance their intense stage presence. Their albums, including „Ghostclocks“ and „Cult Drugs,“ have garnered positive reviews, solidifying their reputation as one of the most innovative forces in the Norwegian alternative music scene. The band’s latest album, „World Domination,“ showcases their evolution with Nikki Brumen as the lead vocalist. This release reflects their commitment to pushing musical boundaries and reinforces their status as a significant presence in modern rock music. With Nikki’s background in Pagan, Blood Command continues to captivate audiences with their powerful and diverse sound.




    • 07.06.2024
    • PL-Danzig, Mystic Festival
    • 28.06.2024
    • UK-Manchester, Radar Festival
    • 29.06.2024
    • Geiselwind, Mission Ready Festival
    • 06.07.2024
    • CZ-Velké Meziříčí, Fajtfest
    • 26.07.2024
    • Goldenstedt, Afdreiht & Buten
    • 16.08.2024
    • UK-Fernhill Farm, ArcTanGent Festival